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  In 2003, the founder of "Chong Qin Zhen Zong Lao Huo Guo Wang"- Tian Jin, Came to Singapore with her only son from China, Chong Qing to continuous his son education as She believe that his son will have Bilingual education in Singapore. As a foreigner, Tian Jin had been through a lot of difficulty and problems with the foods so she realised that she needs to do something about it, as a lot of the Chong Qing nation refer the Ma Lai spicy taste.  

After a few months she met Mr. Chong Chye Wen a Singaporean. Whom also like spicy food and the MA LAI taste. Therefore the idea of setting up a Ma Lai steamboat shop emerged.

The "Chong Qin Zhen Zong Lao Huo Guo Wang" had finally been set up in Nov. 2003.

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Like any other business, the beginning was very difficult, especially to Tian Jin Lisa, a foreigner in Singapore, the pressure on her shoulder was unspeakable. They took a lot of effort to bring in foreigners customer from China who Studied or worked in Singapore and the promotions to the Singaporean. Most of the Singaporean customers were not used to its Ma Lai and Spicy Taste so the businesses had been ups and downs. They later survey and made several changing of the traditional cooking and eventually in late 2004, the businesses had been improvement. Especially at night the whole street is very alive at the beach.

Because the combine of local and other foreigners customers can expect the taste and at this time they created her own special taste, which is called "Si Mian Guo", Four Faces Pot basically means that in one pot, some who like difference kind of tastes can be sited and share together different tastes. It does effectively satisfy the demand from different customers.

From 2004 the " Chong Qin Zhen Zong Lao Huo Guo Wang " finally shone, her business and story was reported by Singapore "Times", "Lian He Wan Bao", "Xin Ming Daily". Even Media Corp, the No.1 Television program nationwide, made a special interview with Mr. Chong for more information about the traditional Ma Lai. And more locals and foreigners know about the steamboat, resulting in the increasing in reputation and profits respectively.

In 2007, “Chong Qin Zhen Zong Lao Huo Guo Wang " officially registered as "LAI MEI ZI - Spicy Lady @ Chong Qin Zhen Zong Lao Huo Guo Wang". As Madam Tian Jin, Lisa said, her target is to making her brand LAI MEI ZI - Spicy Lady cover all over the place as long as there is Chinese living there. In future she is the planning to set up branches in Malaysia, Thailand

LAI MEI ZI- Spicy Lady always ready to welcome your presence, when ever you are in Singapore.